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I’ve had two experiences recently that have led me to reflect on an important piece that was missing in my education through every grade level. I’ve never been on a sports team, performed in a theatrical or musical program or been part of a staff that produced a publication. These activities all involve an audience beyond the teacher who acts as the sole arbiter of the success of your efforts...

Bits and Pieces


As soon as I left the bedroom this morning, I knew something was wrong. There was an unnatural breeze floating through the apartment and I could hear the wind whistling around our ill-fitting windows. I later learned that there was a wind advisory in effect – 50mph wind gusts. Sure enough, it was a kind of French door behind my desk with a poorly designed latch that has failed several times in...

Where Woke Comes to Die


Governor Ron DeSantis has declared himself ruler of the kingdom in which Woke comes to die. In the process he has skillfully pulled off a language coup which he and his friends on the right have proven themselves adept at – taking ownership of words and phrases in ways that distort and misrepresent their original meaning and intent. It’s no secret that language is a powerful instrument in shaping...

Equiano – A Slave Narrative


Whatever reading I do in connection with a trip usually takes place before we leave. I definitely did some in advance of our Curaçao adventure. Rarely have I had the energy and the motivation to do follow-up reading on our return. This trip broke that mold, though, and I want to tell you about what I’ve been immersing myself in since we’ve been back.In our visit to the slavery museum in...

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