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More on Spirituality


My blog has a small readership, but they are as smart, thoughtful and empathetic as any group I know. They proved themselves once again in their responses to my recent posting on Spirituality. To jog your memory, it’s the one in which I bemoaned the fact that I felt like I wore cement boots that were keeping me from elevating, as it were, into another plane. I also mixed my metaphors by adding...

Just After The Big Bang


Note: Sections of this entry were written in 1969, a time when “Negro” was considered a respectful means of address for Black people. I’ve chosen to leave the word as is. Doing otherwise would be anachronistic. The center is way out in the country, many miles down a red dirt road over which the trees arch in a way that must make it invisible from the air. There is a clearing with a white wooden...

Cement Boots: Musings on Spirituality


It’s sad that we don’t plan as many Shabbat dinners with friends as we used to. We’re not alone in this. Our friend Bob Putnam in his ground-breaking book Bowling Alone has the numbers to show that the frequency of dinner parties has decreased steadily since the 60’s, part of a larger trend of declining social capital in our society. But we bucked the trend on a recent weekend and invited some...

Yale Redux


Two weeks ago, I posted on my blog a statement by my son-in-law Peter Cole and his Yale colleague Feisal G. Mohamed, a Canadian-Egyptian member of the English faculty, about the Israel/Gaza War. The statement resonated with a lot of you – a measured cry of pain for all the victims of this nightmare. The reaction was similar at Yale and in the wider academic community. As a result, The Yale Review...

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