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Free Writing


How often over the years did I instruct students during writing times to just write whatever came into their heads, rather than telling me that they don’t know what to write about. It’s amazing that in my more than three and a half years of blogging, I’ve almost never had to resort to that strategy myself. Somehow, each time I sat down at the computer an idea emerged to center my writing. But...

King Trump


Like most newspapers across the country, the Chicago Tribune has cut its staff and coverage drastically. Much of their national and international news is purchased from either the New York Times or the Associated Press and runs in the paper’s second section. There was an exception in today’s Tribune, which ran a New York Times story prominently at the bottom of the first page. I don’t always love...

The Biography of a Piano


Pianos, like people, have biographies. If you need any convincing, check out The Piano Lesson by my favorite playwright August Wilson. It’s the story of an heirloom piano which some members of the family want to sell and use the cash to buy land, while others are determined to keep it to preserve their history and legacy. The piano had previously been owned by the man who enslaved their ancestors...

My (Mostly) Happy Place


Those of you who have been reading my rantings for a while know that New Hampshire is one of my top away happy places, as opposed to the home happy places like our garden plots and our amazingly well-situated apartment at sunrise and sunset. It’s New Hampshire that has kept me from being faithful to my weekly blogging duties, but I’m back now with stories to tell. The happy parts of our weeks in...

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