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Post-Seder Miscellany


It’s hard to write when there’s a cat on your lap, demanding all the extra petting she missed out on when our house was full of family here to celebrate Passover with us. Or is she just displaying her delight at the return to the status quo? Nutmeg is a creature of habit, and much as she enjoyed the stimulating kaleidoscope of sound and movement that our guests brought into her space, she is glad...

Why is this Passover different from all other Passovers?


By the time you read this, we will be deep into setting up the Passover Seder table and cooking the many dishes we will be serving our 14 guests. Our 13- year-old granddaughter Dalia will recite The Four Questions which are the prelude to retelling the story of our liberation from Egypt, and her father Ben will be leading us in singing the rousing songs contained in the Haggadah, the text for the...

The joy of sports


This is the season when I feel the need to return to a subject I’ve addressed before — my life as a sports fan. The confluence of March Madness and the opening of baseball season means that I spent an inordinate amount of time in recent weeks in front of the TV, time which, arguably, could have been better spent cleaning out our overstuffed closets or reading Proust. How did this come to...

The Tightrope


The students in our teacher education program heard me say – probably too often – that teaching is like crossing a tightrope between hope and despair. Clearly, these words apply more broadly to all of life. Perhaps an even better metaphor is contained in a popular Hebrew song which starts “All the world is a narrow bridge.” But it’s important not to stop there because the real power lies in the...

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