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Holiday Mythology


By now we’ve all had our grand Thanksgiving dinners, reunited with family and friends we may not have seen since before the Pandemic, and have overcome the obstacles of making it back home, if we were unfortunate enough to have traveled for our holiday pleasures. I didn’t want to spoil the day, arguably the most beloved holiday on the calendar, by reminding you that so much of the historical...

After the Fall


I’ve borrowed the title of today’s entry from a play by that name about Arthur Miller’s monumentally ill-matched marriage to Marilyn Monroe. I’m assuming that Miller, in turn, had in mind the line from a 17th century New England primer which reads: “In Adam’s fall, we sinned all,” referring to the troubles we’ve all inherited from Adam’s inability to resist the temptation of eating the forbidden...

Troubles in Education Land


Shortly after lunch one day last week, I got a call from Todd, a former student of mine in UTEP, the University of Chicago’s teacher education program. Todd left Chicago a few years ago and has been teaching in another city. We’ve stayed in touch. He was in town this past summer and we had a long lunch together on the back patio of a local restaurant, trying hard to ignore the light rain that was...

Are Teachers Overpaid?


Before I launch into the actual posting for this week, I have to note a significant milestone for the blog. WordPress informs me that this is our one hundredth posting. When we began way back in November 2019, no one could have imagined what awaited us – the turbulent presidential election, the insurrection and, above all, the pandemic, which continues to affect so much of the way we conduct our...

On Someone Else’s Turf


Another paper I found in my file drawer purge is one I’m proud of. I have only a vague memory of writing it, but it brought back a whole year’s work that helped me make the transition from my own classroom to being a visitor in others. The problem is that it’s 19 pages long. Posting it in full would attract an even smaller audience than my typical 3-pagers, so I will try to spotlight some...

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