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Peter’s Poem


My wonderful son-in-law Peter Cole has a new book of poems called Draw Me After. It’s an unusual combination of his own original poems, including a series of poems about each letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and some translations of contemporary Hebrew poetry. My style of reading books of poetry is to savor them slowly, a few poems each day. For me, this kind of reading requires a level of energy...

The Law of Inertia


If your high school curriculum included a course in physics, you have at least a passing knowledge of Newton’s Laws of Motion. One of those laws, commonly known as the law of inertia, in its simplest form states that objects in motion tend to stay in motion and objects at rest tend to remain at rest. In other words, unless acted on by some force, objects continue to do what they were doing in the...

Daddy in Howard Beach


When my mother died, my father went to live with my sister and her family in Howard Beach, Queens. Although he was in good health, he was of the generation of men who didn’t know how to boil water, which made it impossible for him to stay on in his otherwise perfectly fine apartment overlooking the boardwalk and the ocean in Rockaway, a short drive from my sister. There were several problems with...

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