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It’s never too late


Like many of you, we receive alumni publications from the academic institutions we’ve passed through in the course of our educations. They make excellent bathroom reading. I don’t say that to disparage them. They just lend themselves to quick takes, just right for the occasion. Last week, I was looking through one such publication from the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. In the...

Empty Nesters


The other day Rosellen and I were talking about how distressing it is that, with both of our daughters now in their fifties, there’s so little about their growing up and our parenting during those early years that remains in sharp focus. Was there really a time when we all lived together under the same roof, never really quite believing that the situation would ever be any different, that one day...



Each step out of the bubble is a landmark to be celebrated. At least I thought that until the Delta virus resurgence. We had planned our first plane trip deep into the summer because we assumed that by then the pandemic dangers would have receded to a manageable level. The virus thought otherwise. But there we were on our flight to New Hampshire, admittedly one of the safer destinations in the...

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