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Encouraging Teachers – Marian Wright Edelman


I’m easing my way back into the weekly routine of blogging after a couple of weeks of restorative silence (more about that in later pieces). The easiest transition is to rely on the well-crafted words of others, so let me introduce you to the words of another weekly poster, although she doesn’t call hers a blog. Marian Wright Edelman is the founder and president emerita of the Children’s Defense...

Hitting the Heartland


            In our half-century of living and vacationing in small town New England, we’ve attended many Fourth of July fireworks. Even for people like us who are too cynical for our own good, the event awakens what I just heard a radio commentator describe as a sense of “progressive patriotism.” The roads leading to the fireworks are lined...

Water, Water Everywhere


On a pleasant weekday afternoon last week, I was in our community garden serving my slot with the irrigation team. The job involves hooking up our apparatus to the hydrant on our corner (we have a permit from the city), rolling out the hoses in the southern end of the garden – there’s a similar setup on the north side – and making them available to any gardeners who come by during the posted...

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