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The Virtues of Collaboration


My teaching career started as a collaborative effort. Dick and I had worked together at Teachers and Writers Collaborative in New York and when we were invited to recreate a version of that program in a small school district in Vermont, our partnership continued. At first, the work involved overseeing a pullout and after school program, but when we accepted the challenge of assuming full...

Joining the Personal and the Political


I recently finished a novel by Damon Galgut called The Promise, the winner of the prestigious Man Booker Prize for 2021. A friend who is one of the most discerning and prolific readers I know recommended it lavishly, not his usual style, which communicated a sense of urgency, so may the God of Books forgive me, I ordered it from Amazon for next day delivery. The book begins in a South Africa...

A Double Header – Our Pals at Pearson and Our Hero Horace Mann


If the name Pearson is familiar to you, it’s likely to be through the corporation’s stranglehold on the college textbook business with its notoriously inflated prices. Or it might be because of its inside track on the academic testing market. Almost every state has contracted with Pearson to create, publish and score the reading and math tests mandated by Federal and State agencies. In addition...

Tax Time


Every morning I wake up dreading the news of what new destruction the Russians have inflicted on innocent Ukrainians. Nonetheless, like most of us, I sit down at my desk to address the mundane, trivial business that life sets before me, free from the fear that, at any moment, a missile might shatter my fragile world. When you read what follows, don’t think for a minute that I have managed to...

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