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Over the course of the 4+ years of cranking out these blog posts, I’ve mentioned our friend Sy Montgomery more than once. We visit her and her equally amazing husband Howard Mansfield at their place in Hancock, New Hampshire every summer on our returns to our home away from home. Those visits and Sy’s postings on Facebook always reveal new excursions into the world of living things by this...



It’s hard to believe that I’ve been retired for more than ten years. The first six years didn’t feel like retirement because I almost immediately constructed a schedule that, intentionally, represented an act of denial. At least three days each week, I was in classrooms, most of which belonged to graduates of UTEP, the teacher education program I helped found. In addition, I fulfilled a long...

Rites of Passage


In the early years of The North Kenwood Oakland Charter School (NKO) we didn’t have any graduating class yet. We had started our upper grade enrollment with fifth grade, so it wasn’t going to be until Year 4 that we could end the year with a graduation ceremony. So, in the interim, my wonderful teaching partner Lou Bradley and I created a Rites of Passage ritual which students could participate...

Back to Books


                                           Back to Books Reading is such a central part of my life. I can’t believe that I haven’t written about books for quite a while, so here goes. When...

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