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When we lived in New Hampshire, the middle school our daughters attended was down the hill from our house. We often drove by the school late in the evening on our way home from a meeting or a visit to friends. No matter how late the hour the lights were always on in Mr. B’s room which our daughters could identify because at different times he was their English teacher That was a worrisome sight...

What Now?


I’m writing this on Tuesday, February 9th. Yesterday, Rosellen and I received our second dose of the Pfizer vaccine at the University of Chicago Hospital, which is the location of almost all our health care services. The hospital has been extremely efficient about looking after its own roster of patients. We didn’t have to scramble for an appointment slot. They contacted us with available dates...



About six months ago, my wife bought a Kindle. This was a move of serious consequence for a writer whose whole life has centered around books, real books, ones that have heft and smell and whose pages are laid out in pleasing configurations of font size and spacing.  But she had two very valid reasons for stepping across what had previously been a border guarded by dragons. First, changes in...

Comfort foods


I’ve been telling people that I’ve been under the weather for the last week or so, but I realize that the more accurate cliché is that “I’ve been off my feed.” The animal connotations of this phrase are apparent, but the phrase also represents accurately what’s happened to my eating during this period. The regular dinner menu seems repulsive which is a really unfortunate turn at a time when I’ve...

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