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The Rollercoaster Week


This is the note we sent to our daughters at the end of our rollercoaster week. Dear Ones, It’s hard to believe that it’s only a week since the first symptoms appeared (for me. For Mommy a day or two later.) Since then, everything has happened in triple time – the testing, the antivirals, the sleeping and eating apart and then back together, the isolation and the liberation from isolation. It’s...

Suckered Again


Last week I offered some hopeful examples that called into question the myth of failing public schools. Today I wanted to slice into that myth in a different way, one that I hope will make you as angry as it does me. We’ve been suckered once again by what appears to be a powerful movement to the right yet turns out to be something else entirely. The Great Parent Uprising against wokeness focusing...

Good News for a Change


If you flip back through my early blog entries, you’ll find one about my six-year tenure as the teaching principal of the Pierce School in Bennington, NH. Although I left forty years ago, I’ve kept up with what’s happening at the school and in the surrounding Conval school district through our subscription to the local newspaper, The Monadnock Ledger-Transcript and our summer visits to the...

Charters Again? Oh, no!


The other day I received this email from the Illinois Network of Charter Schools: The other day, I received this email from the Illinois Network of Charter Schools.  Charter advocates,The charter school community needs you to act now! The U.S. Department of Education recently proposed new regulations that would create roadblocks to make the federally-funded Charter Schools Program almost...

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